Jessalee Blue (daddiesgrl) wrote in flamingfetus,
Jessalee Blue

"Just as I feared"

I wanted you near
But I'm looking around
And you can't be found
My eyes start cries of demise
Dont get me wrong
I don't need you
Please disregard that
My nose just grew.
I don't know what to say
I need you a different way
my words want a thread
from my lips to your head
to put pain at ease
let blurry eyes release.
I didn't want you to understand
that was always my master plan
But you got me all screwed
And now that you do
I'm stuck like glue
To the advice you spew
It's not your kiss that I miss,
It's the simple moments of bliss
Do you remember the time
with the ship in the sky
or falling asleep only gazing at eyes
Like heroin to the floor all I want is more
That's why my shell was so fucking hard
How could I let you break down my guard?
And weaken my knees
Now you're all that I need
Just as I feared.
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