HD (whatwhosblack) wrote in flamingfetus,

based a little from the story mrs.lane told and a little from emo observations...

elitists never change
their scene's simply rearrange
their existence continues
and rumors are the issues
sipping wine and passing time
existentially conversing and fauxly reversing
their physique is critiqued but their beauty is unsurpassable
why you wished to be like them long ago is unimaginable
without true feeling they apply their blush tragically hopping bars to experience a rush
the buzz ensues they again feel touch
the Gucci and Prada is only a crutch
to hide behind the wall of insecurities
they fill the void with daddy's luxuries
ignoring the call because they're breaking the law
fighting the cause to give incite into their flaws
it will leave them bare but without a care.
positive or negative
its how the glass is viewed
more power to them
let them have their 6 inch shoes
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