Jessalee Blue (daddiesgrl) wrote in flamingfetus,
Jessalee Blue

I can not take credit for this, it was written about me not by me

On Katrina winds she arrived this
Café au lait miracle this hair
Straightened two way mirror
Into these middle aged hearts
Awareness shine issues from
Her bedroom between notes
On the laptop a message or a
Story told in secret just under the
Ear’s ability to decipher
Sometimes a man can catch her
Studying his face piercing
The pale Irish veneer of his
Skin with learning glances she is
The lyrics of songs you would
Never have listened to in a
Million years she is Ouija Board
Riddles on the DVD player her cool
Vulnerability taking a man’s
Hand making him want to be the
Place she can call safe watching
Her eat his wife’s cooking on
The couch watching her as
She sits loud and pretty
Laughing on the elevated train
While the puffing neighborhood
Boys rudely stare at the raven
Night immenseness of her
Cleopatra beauty eyes they are
Just a few more passing men
Caught in the relativity of her
Mysteries and opinions

It is presumption to think but
A man does that this is the girl
That should have been his
Daughter perhaps just a little bit
Is as she sits in the coffee shop
Waiting for the ride downtown
There are hidden joys waiting
Left and right whenever the world
Brings love unexpected into the
Room she came to us from storm
Clouds but now she calms the
Wind of evening with purpose
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